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  • Reduce administrative costs & workload
  • Increase profitability
  • Improve patient experience & retention
  • Web based & accessible from anywhere

No more filing. With ClinicSense you type your appointment notes directly into the patient record for quick and easy accessibility in the future.


ClinicSense emails your intake form to new patients to fill out before coming to your office then automatically uploads it to your patient records.


Your online calendar is accessible from anywhere, which is really convenient when you're out of the office. Plus, your patients can book their own appointments online.

Invoicing and

We use the information we have on your patient and their appointment to automatically fill in your invoice. It's literally ready to print in seconds.


Submitting your claims electronically through ClinicSense means you are paid faster. And our real-time claim verification helps you avoid errors.


Save your administrative staff hours of phone calling while reducing lost revenue due to no-shows.

Elaine Lankford

ClinicSense has given me more free time than I could have asked for. I have a very busy office and contemplated hiring additional help to answer the phone and schedule my appointments. ClinicSense has saved me at least $1200 per month. I highly recommend it to any busy office.

Elaine Lankford
Muscle Power Massage Therapy

Who Is Using ClinicSense:

Physical Therapists






Massage Therapists


Natural Medicine Practitioners

Flexible Calendar Views
Managing multiple staff schedules is easy. Quickly switch between views to see everyone's schedule, or just your own; and choose to view today's schedule, or the full week ahead.
Quick & Easy Scheduling
Our scheduler makes it easy to add an appointment to your schedule. Choose the appointment you'd like to book, assign a staff member to the appointment, and we'll show you all of the available time slots.
Book Appointments Online
ClinicSense helps you book appointments even when you're not near the phone. Simply add the "Book Appointment" button to your website and your patients can book their appointment online in real-time.
Schedule Personal Time
Easily prevent patients from booking during your lunch hour or during the times you are out of the office. Set custom hours for every staff member.
Email Appointment Reminders
Each no-show can mean a loss of $50 to $500+ in revenue. ClinicSense helps reduce no-shows with automated reminder emails. It's totally hands free, just choose when you'd like your reminders to go out and we'll do the rest.
Automatic Recall Emails
Over time, a lost patient can add up to thousands of dollars in lost revenue. ClinicSense automatically detects which of your patients haven't seen you in a while and sends them emails asking them to book their next appointment with you. This keeps your patients coming back regularly.
Detailed SOAP Charting
Avoid the hassle of filing notes, with ClinicSense you type your appointment notes directly into the patient record for quick and easy accessibility in the future.
Add Convenience
ClinicSense emails your intake form to new patients to fill out before coming to your office.
Less Paperwork
The secure online form is automatically uploaded to your patient records; no data entry required.
Backed-Up Hourly
ClinicSense offers the extra security of an hourly back-up of all of your notes and patient records so they are not at risk of being lost or damaged.
Auto-Generated Invoices
Creating invoices and handling payments is fast and easy with ClinicSense. A simple click on the appointment will bring up your patient's invoice. With all of the information pre-filled you can print off an invoice in seconds.
Flexible Design
You can opt to override prices, create discounts, or add new products or services to each invoice.
Patient Statements
See the patient's current balance and enter a payment without ever leaving your calendar. Browse the patient's history to access past invoices and get an overall look into their billing history.
Unlimited Electronic Claims
You spend too much time dealing with insurance claims, rejections and resubmittals. With ClinicSense you can instantly submit your claims electronically to thousands of nationwide payers and know the status of the claim in real-time.
Real Time Error Checking
Our comprehensive pre-submission error-checking results in a low claim rejection rate.
Unlimited ERAs
These are electronic versions of a traditional explanation of benefits (EOB) report. Our ERAs save you time from data-entry because ClinicSense automatically posts the insurance payment to the patient's statement.
Unlimited Eligibility Checks
ClinicSense connects you with major insurance companies for a real-time eligibility checks, eliminating the need to phone insurance companies, reducing claim denials, and helping you avoid bad debt from uninsured patients.
Fill Slow Times
Many practices have times of the week that are slower than others. ClinicSense helps you fill these openings by providing your patients with an incentive to book during those times.
How It Works
Once you have identified the times of the week that your office tends to be slow you can offer an extra incentive to book during those openings. These special times are shown to your patients when they book online.
Your ClinicSense Profile
For practices that are just building their online presence, ClinicSense also provides you with your own profile page so you can still take advantage of online scheduling.
Importance Of Being Online
Patients are finding healthcare services in new ways. No longer are they looking through the phone book. They are looking on Yelp, Facebook, Twitter, and through Google searches. To take advantage of this traffic it's not only important that you have a website, but that you have an easy, convenient way to capture these leads.
Heather Wiebe

ClinicSense has met all of my expectations and more. With a customer service that is both professional and personable, ClinicSense is a joy to work with and a great compliment to my business.

Heather Wiebe, RMT
Massage Therapy by Heather Wiebe RMT

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 Intake Forms

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Practice Manager + eClaims

 Online Appointment Scheduling

 Email Reminders

 Automated Patient Recalls

 SOAP Notes

 Intake Forms

 Invoicing and Payment Tracking

 Unlimited Electronic Insurance Claims

 Real-Time Error Checking

 Unlimited Remittance

$275 Insurance Claim Set Up Fee

 Phone & Email Support

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Some Common Questions About Signing Up

How does the free trial work?
Use ClinicSense for free for 30 days. Then decide if it's right for your clinic.

Is a credit card required?
A credit card is not required for a free trial. We accept Visa, MasterCard, and American Express for paid plans.

Am I locked into a contract?
No, payments are month to month and you can cancel at any time with no penalty.

Can I change my plan later?
Yes, you can change your plan at any time to reflect the needs of your practice.

What are the system requirements?
All you need is a PC or Mac, an internet browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome), and an internet connection.

Is my data secure?
Yes, all data is encrypted using 256-bit encryption and is protected by a firewall.

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